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The cake is one thing that is the ultimate epitome of love and sweet life for most of us. It is something that makes us happy and helps us to forget all our sorrows. There’s no more sincere love than what we humans share for appetising cakes. Whenever our cravings are driving us nuts or we would like to celebrate a special occasion, we can place online cake orders in Delhi or some XYZ place to commemorate the special days.

delicious facts about cakes

Cakes have always made a special place in our heart, like every other thing that came into existence, cakes have a sweet history of its own. It makes people feel excited whenever there is a special occasion as they can choose a lot of cake flavors such as durian cake at that will surely satisfy their cravings. If you call yourself a cake lover, then you probably should know these delicious facts about cakes. Make sure to give this article a read to get yourself drooling over cakes, all over again.

14 Delicious Facts About Cakes:

1. The origin of cakes dates back to the 17th Century in Europe. It was said that traditional cakes were made with refined sugar and icing with the much-needed help of some reliable ovens and food moulds.

2. Bet you can eat too much cake? Well, then we are about to introduce the partner of your dreams. Patrick Bertolettie is the man who took the book of records by shock by relishing 72 cupcakes in just six minutes, back in 2012.

3. The placing of birthday candles over a cake was an idea that popped up by the people of ancient Greece. It was said that cakes were taken and offered to the temple of Artemis, so the need for placing the candles symbolize the moon.

4. There’s a common saying etched to cakes which is “You can’t have your cake and eat it too’? Traditionally speaking it was reversed back in the 1500s. But from 1935 onwards the reversed order became more popular.

5. Cakes have always been seen as an unhealthy option due to fatty and sugary cake ingredients. Due to this reason and to curb obesity, more than one-third of American schools have banned bake sales as fundraisers. No kidding!

6. Did you know that the idea of wishing someone “sweet dreams” is related to cakes? The idea originated back in the 1700s in England when people used to keep a fruitcake under their pillows to be blessed with sweet dreams of their future loves.

7. The birth of cupcakes was revolutionary. It was seen as cupcakes used to save some time for bakers and slowly and steadily it was seen to be evolved in the United States as a completely different dessert item.

8. As per Google, the fastest-growing recipe is cupcakes. It seems people are much more these days into the mini versions of an entire pound of cake.

9. One of the oldest specimens of cake is said to be stored in the Willis Museum in Hampshire, England. The specimen of this cake is said to be 113 years old. The cake is said to be perfectly intact in its shape except for a minor crack caused due to WWII bomb blast.

10. Did you know why white icing is called royal icing? It was said that Queen Elizabeth was one such person who broke the stereotype and ordered a white icing wedding cake and since that day white icing has started to be referred to as royal icing.

11. Earlier the cake was baked with yeast which was further replaced with the use of baking soda. This was a better raising agent, and the cake’s overall texture had an improved appeal.

12. The word “cake” originated from the German word “kaka”.

13. Red velvet cake came into the picture as one woman went out at some restaurant and ordered their speciality. Once she happened to ask the pastry chef about the recipe, the restaurant people charged $100 for the same. She got angry and leaked the red velvet cake recipe to all. Oh what sweet revenge!

14. Romans were said to be the ones who discovered the cakes back in the 8th century. Traditionally cakes were pretty basic made with butter and eggs. Honey was used as a sweetener.

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