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your next international trip

Many first-time international travelers can get anxious when they’re going to a new and foreign country. And we understand that. Your first international trip can be exhilarating but also scary.

However, if you prepare beforehand, it’s going to be a lot less scary to go on your international trip.

On that note, here are ten essential things that you need to prepare before your next international trip:

1. RFID Protection

A lot of modern passports nowadays have RFID technologies in them. Even your credit or debit cards have them.

If you don’t know what RFID is, RFID stands for Radio-Frequency Identification. Although it makes many parts of our lives easier, these can target cyberthieves to steal identities and even money.

They can use RFID scanners to get the information that they need out of your cards. To help add an extra bit of security against that, you might want to get a form of RFID protection.

The most common one would be an RFID-Blocking wallet. It’s like your regular wallet, but it’s specifically helpful against blocking radiofrequency. That way, your information is safe and secure inside.

2. Bank and Credit Cards

You don’t want to go on an international trip, use your debit or credit card, and find that your bank is declining all of your transactions. That’s why, before you head out on your trip, consider calling your bank to notify them that you’ll be out on a journey for a specific time.

It would help if you also informed them about which countries you’ll be visiting.

You should also consider getting a travel credit card if you don’t have one yet, especially if you’re often traveling. Travel credit cards offer more rewards and other perks related to traveling than an ordinary one. You can compare options on Finty.

If you use them for your trips, you’re going to eventually rack up these rewards and bonuses.

3. Passport and Visa

Before you book your flights, make sure that you double-check your passport to see if it’s not expired. You need to check on this in advance because there are several steps that you need to take before you’re going to have a valid passport again.

Ideally, you should check several months before your trip or even before you book it.

Aside from the passport, you should also check on your Visa. Check whether or not you can get away with not having a Visa when going to certain countries.

Some countries will have a Visa-on-arrival arrangement or an eVisa application.

4. Copies of Travel Documents

Any travel documents you have should have at least one copy if there’s a need for it.

You don’t want to be fumbling around looking for a copier right when you need it and in a foreign country. You have to copy everything from your passport to your travel itinerary. Any documents about your travels need a copy.

Remember to store those travel documents somewhere separate from the original version of these copies.

In some cases, you might want to put them in a separate bag altogether. That way, in case you lose your originals, you will have at least a copy of your passport as a backup.

5. Travel Insurance

The travel insurance is there to cushion you if you find yourself in a pickle. It’s not only about having accident insurance.

There are also other issues that you can encounter while traveling that travel insurance will help you overcome. For example, if your health takes a turn for the worst while on the trip.

You can also use travel insurance to protect your bags. There are way too many incidences of people losing their bags and the items along with it. With the help of travel insurance, you will have a backup in case you do lose them.

You can get travel insurance by yourself. But if you’re traveling with the help of a travel agency or in some program, they might offer you a travel insurance package.

When looking for travel insurance, make sure that you have international coverage if you’re going abroad.

6. Meds and Vaccines

If you have any particular medications that you need, make sure that you bring them with you.

For example, if you have an allergy, make sure to bring your allergy medications in case. You should also bring some available medicines for common illnesses. If you get sick while on the trip, you can speed up recovery with these medications.

Besides bringing medications, you should look up which particular vaccines you need to get before visiting certain countries. The vaccines will serve as a precaution.

7. Necessary Gadgets

As much as possible, keep the gadgets that you bring with you to a minimum. Unless you’re traveling for work or on the road for months on end, you probably don’t need to have your laptop with you.

You’re only adding items that you don’t want to lose while you’re traveling. Thus, you should only bring the necessary gadgets with you.

8. Pre-check In

Air travel, explicitly dealing with the airport, can be unpredictable. Sometimes, you end up waiting hours on end before you get to your flight. Other times, the flight arrives early. One of the biggest hassles in the airport is the security line.

If you want a reliable way to go through security lines faster, try and look for travel programs to get you a custom line. That way, you can get through security more quickly.

9. Understanding and Open Mind

Although this isn’t a physical thing, you still need to have it to enjoy your international trip. You need to be understanding and have an open mind when you’re traveling because you’re experiencing a culture that’s different from yours.

Just because it’s different from what you’re used to doesn’t mean it’s wrong. Plus, getting to know cultures and participating in them is more enjoyable than hiding away from it.

That’s the point of international travel anyway.

10. Some Cash

There are plenty of other countries that still prefer cash over card transactions. That’s why it’s a good idea to have some money on you at all times.

You don’t want to catch yourself in an embarrassing situation where you’re unable to pay for food because you didn’t have cash with you.

At the very least, double-check with the staff first whether or not they accept card payments.

Planning your trips and preparing your essentials is an excellent way to reduce anxiety for anything, including international travel. With these essential items, you’ll have a much easier time going through your international trips. Next time you’re scheduling a trip abroad, make sure that you have these ten items with you.

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